Delicate and of excellent intensity. Fruity with floral nuances. Acacia flowers with particular notes of apple, pear and citrus.


Good structure and balanced. On the palate it is pleasant and harmonious, savory and mineral.

Growing Conditions

- Area of ​​origin of the grapes: Conegliano Valdobbiadene D.O.C.G. area
- Training system: Double Upside Down
- Vines per hectare: 3300
- Soil type: Mainly clayey with bands rich in skeleton
- Row orientation: North-South for optimal sun exposure


Harvest period:
10-25 September depending on the vintage

Grape yield per hectare: 130 quintals


The finished product is the exemplification of months of waiting, work and daily dedication that originates from the cuttings just planted up to its realization in a vineyard so full that you can already taste the fruity and floral notes that mix with the marked acidity and good minerality that make Prosecco an international symbol of the territory.

- Yield of grapes into wine: 70%
- Vinification: in white
- Pressing: soft
- Fermentation: at controlled temperature with selected yeasts
- Refermentation: in autoclave with the Charmat method


Bright straw yellow, fine and persistent.