Bouquet: intense,fruity of peach and melon,typical.


Taste: soft, full, harmonious, typical aromatic.

Growing Conditions

Grown on the hills of the “Astoria” Estate, at approx.
150 m. above sea level. Vineyards: “Costa del Sol”,
with an east-to-west orientation, with approx. 4,000
grapevines per hectare (average age: 8 years).
Average production: 3/4 kg per grapevine (110/120
q. per hectare).

- Growing technique: Sylvoz.




The grapes are harvested by hand in September,
when they have the best chemical/organoleptic
properties, and are lightly crushed. The must then
undergoes static decantation. Primary fermentation
takes place inside steel vats at 16°C with the help of
selected autochthonous yeasts. Before the primary
fermentation process is concluded, the wine –
which has a high content of sugar residues - is run
into a pressure tank where it becomes sparkling.
This phase occurs while the primary fermentation
process continues. This process lasts 20/25 days.
Then the wine remains in contact with yeasts for
approx. 15 days, so that the resulting sparkling wine
acquires a more fruity taste and a distinguishing


After bottling, the wine is allowed to age 4/6


Perlage: tiny and continuous.
Colour: pale straw yellow with greenish reflections.