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A brief history

These three words constitute the synthesis of what
Bellenda is all about, who we are who work there, our
family, and our close bond with our land.
We love exploring the vast world of sparkling wine, and
right from the very beginning of the adventure called
Bellenda, some thirty years ago, we committed ourselves
irrevocably to producing a wide variety of effervescent
That is a world that holds an enormous fascination for
us and enables us to express ourselves in so many ways.
All these various interpretations of effervescence—wines
that are sparkling or semi-sparkling, with or without
sediment, classic or Charmat method—can be woven and
combined together, depending on the fruit from the
vineyard, on local traditions, or even on a simple
desire to try one’s hand at something never before
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Established in 1986

Via Gaetano Giardino, 90
Italy, Veneto


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