Intense and fresh fragrances of white flowers such as wisteria and acacia, and of fruit such as peach and kiwi.


Of fresh tartness, well-proportioned fruitiness with a pleasantly creamy froth.

Growing Conditions

Our vineyards are distinctive owing to the exposure and composition of the vineyards (young and old vineyards)


The grapes are picked by hand in one of our vineyards.


The Cuvée “C” is the result of the successful intuition of combining the lively gaiety of Prosecco blended with a touch of Prosecco raisin wine. This is how a sparkling white wine that stands out for its marked personality of intense fruity and flowery fragrances and long, fresh flavours was created.

Vinification occurs separately and at a controlled temperature for about 40 days. The Charmat method is used for the sparkling process, to maintain and exalt the fresh fragrances of the grapes by combining them with elegant flavours and a rich, creamy foam.

Must obtained with light pressing using a horizontal press, and then fermentation of the clear must at controlled temperature with selected yeasts.

In autoclave at the temperature of 13°C for about 40 days.


AGEING In steel container at controlled temperature.

REFINEMENT In bottle, for ca. 30 days.

Food Pairing

It is an excellent aperitif with the classic Venetian bracers, but can accompany an entire meal. We recommend combining it with fish, and in particular shellfish, first courses with seafood, baked fish such as sea bass or gilthead.