The bouquet is slightly spicy and
fruity with notes of dried figs
and ripen fruits


The finish is round and fruity
with well integrated tannins and
notes of vanilla

Growing Conditions

In Sicily, the "Land of the Sun", the climate is generally
Mediterranean along the coasts, and slightly more continental in
the inland and at hilly levels, with moderately cold winters and hot


Mid September


At the beginning of October the
grapes are perfectly ripe and
the winemaking process starts
from the vine. Withering takes
place in the vineyard by cutting
the shoot but leaving it on the
vine for about two weeks. The
drying gives the wines typical
notes of ripe fruit, such as
plums and raisins. The grapes
are pressed and fermentation
begins. The skins are left in
contact with the must for a
long period to extract aromas
and the characteristic red color.
Traditional red vinification
continues at a controlled
temperature between 25 ° and
27 ° C.


Intense red colour

Food Pairing

Great wine for roasted or grilled
meats. Excellent with grilled
meats. game and hard cheeses