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A brief history

There is a common trait between the blacksmith who forges a nail and the winemaker who transforms grapes into wine.
It is stubbornness, the will to confront a nature that can prove hostile on a daily basis.
Stroke after stroke the iron object takes shape, the ciodet (nail) is formed under the eyes of the blacksmith.

Day after day the vine grows and bears fruit , led by the hands of the farmer who tops, prunes, thins and collects, braving spring frosts and summer storms.

And then again in the cellar it is the work of the oenologist to bring the must towards that delicate balance between simplicity and complexity that is the wine.

Craftsman and winemaker . This is the spirit of Enrico Bortolomiol winemaker of Ciodet Spumanti .

Enrico has made perseverance, competence and precision his professional life conduct.
He puts the same passion into it as when he climbs a mountain on his bicycle, with the will handed down from father to son in a lineage of artisans and winemakers and the great experience acquired through years of study and work.

All this makes Ciodet an absolute reference point in Valdobbiadene. The obsession of quality.
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Via Piva, 104 - 31049
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