Growing Conditions

- Soil: Clay-calcareous;

- Climate: Mediterranean;


Sparkling wine produced from selected and hand-harvested Glera grapes.


Wine of the tradition of our territory, which has been handed down from our grandparents, is rediscovered in a more modern context.

As per tradition, this sparkling wine is bottled in the spring months and left to rest for a minimum of 90 days.

This wine, as opposed to the usual Valdobbiadene DOCG, produced with the Martinotti (Charmat) method, is slightly more cloudy, as a consequence of the refermentation in bottle. Besides, since disgorgement is not done, yeasts remain in contact with wine until it is served.
Through this method, the wine changes, in the course of time the fruity and floral aromas give way to hints of bread crust, ripe fruit and dried fruit, which give the wine a savory and dry taste.

The wine is unique, every bottle tells its own story, characterized by a common thread: the passion and the tradition that have always been handed down in this territory.

- Winemaking: White, soft pressing;

- Sparkling process: Refermentation in bottle, without disgorgement;

- Pressure: 4,5 bar;


Straw yellow, slightly cloudy

Fine and persistent

Food Pairing

Brut nature on yeasts can be sipped limpid, after having been decanted, in order to obtain a more delicate or slightly hazy taste. For a stronger and more intense taste, on the contrary, rotate the bottle slowly in order to mix the yeasts accumulated on the bottom.