Elegant, delicate, fresh characteristic
citrusy with notes of bread.


dry, intense and enveloping flavour.

Growing Conditions

100% Colesel vineyard in the Cartizze area, in the municipality of Valdobbiadene.

Double upside-down with Colesel modification

Marly limestone and clay from the geological era of the Aeocene and Myocene, south of Cretaceous in parallel cordons from West to East.


Totally by hand

10 September - 10 October. Yield per hectare: 120 quintals.


The Superiore di Cartizze Dry Millesimato is the result of our single harvest, made totally by hand in the Cartizze Area from which it takes its name, the magnificent land that hosts our vineyards. From grape selection through to vinification in the cellar, this wine is made according to the Charmat Brut method.

-Vinification: White wine vinification method with soft pressing.

- Base wine fermentation: after cold static clarification, at controlled temperatures.

- Sparkling wine production method: Valdobbiadene method, secondary fermentation in tanks, refined in our territory.

- Prise de mousse: 6 months.

- dry extract 18 g/l.
- ash 1,2 g/l..


Bright straw yellow colour. Fine lingering perlage.

Food Pairing

Serve in an ice bucket or at a temperature of 2 - 5°C.

Ideal for all occasions, agreeable and elegant. Sublime with oysters and fish crudités.