Fresh and fruity, with a complex crusty
bread note that derives from its maturation with the yeasts and its subsequent


Dry, tangy and well-balanced, with an
attractive bitter-almond finish.

Growing Conditions

Produced with grapes from our very steep
vineyards, with excellent exposure to sunlight, in
the high hills of the hamlets of Collagù and San
Gallo, at Farra di Soligo (160-300 metres above sea
level). The soil is a conglomerate lying on a not very
deep stratum of clay and limestone. The “doublearched cane” training system is used, with a plant density of 3,500 vines per hectare.


Yield per hectare: 12,000 kilos per hectare

Harvest: By hand, in the last ten days of September.


The vinification is made cleaning the grapes just
harvested from the rachis and then a soft squeezing
of them. Later the skins are taken away to avoid any
rusty colour in the wine. The slow fermentation
is made keeping the juice at 18 degrees for 10-12
days. After that the new wine is decanted and kept
into dedicated stainless steel for the controlled low
temperature stabilization.

Sparkling transformation in bottle, without disgorgement. The base wine,
along with the selected yeasts it contains, is bottled
in the spring following the harvest (between 1st
March and 30th June) and referments naturally in
the bottle. At the end of the fermentation, the wine
matures with the yeasts present in the bottle for at
least 6-8 months.

- RS: Less than 3 g/L


Straw yellow, with extremely fine, persistent bubbles. If not poured delicately, it
may be slightly cloudy

Food Pairing

It is recommended as an aperitif, with fish-based
hors d’oeuvres and typical Italian pasta or rice

As this is an unfiltered product, we
recommend you open the bottle
and pour the wine delicately, so as
to prevent the light sediment at the
bottom of the bottle – resulting from
the natural fermentation process