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La Vigna Di Sarah

A brief history

La Vigna di Sarah was born in 2010 and takes its name from me: despite being 100% Italian, in fact, I have the “h” in my name, thanks to my dad! My personal passion for wine, and even more, for everything behind a bottle of wine, dates back long ago, when I was a child. My love for nature, mountains and staying outdoors . For this reason, after my studies of Business Economics in Milano and after a master in Notthingham, in England, I chose to return to my homeland, the famous hills of Conegliano Valdobbiadene. I decided to dedicate myself to the vineyards and the production of Prosecco wine, exclusively made with our grapes, following the entire evolution of every single bunch.
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Established in 2010

Via Del Bersagliere, 30/A
Italy, Veneto


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