Fruity notes of Golden apple, Williams pear, floral notes of acacia flower and wisteria.


Savory, fresh and harmonious, very elegant.

Growing Conditions

- Growing area: Conegliano hills.
- Height of the vine yard: 200 m. above sea level
- Land conditions: Calcareous and clay.
- Cultivation Method: Sylvoz.


Manual harvest.


Sparkling wine obtained with refermentation in pressurized vats, with selected yeast and controlled temperature.

Vinification: Soft pressing and cleaning of the must by cold static decantation.
low temperature storage of a part of the must and fermentation of the rest in stainless steel tank at about 18/19°C. secondary fermentation in pressurized vat with selected yeasts.
bottling and then wine left to age in the bottle for a few weeks in conditioned warehouse.

Maturation: Second half of September.

- Total extract: 17 g / l
- Free: 38 mg / l
- In total: 133 mg / l


Perlage: Fine and long.
Color: Soft straw yellow.

Food Pairing

Excellent as an aperitif. Thanks to its versatility, it is a suitable wine for any occasion. To be tried with fish dishes.