Distinct fruti and flower scent, typical of the Prosecco: quince apple and bread crust, herbs


Balanced, dry, slightly acidic creamy

Growing Conditions

From our Prosecco Superiore hills

The limestone-clay soils rich in morainic deposits from the ancient Piave glacier that descended from the Fadalto saddle between Moun Pizzoc and Mount Visentin. The vineyards, facing south-southwest at an average elevation of 180 metres, are planted to an average density of 4.000 vines per hectare and are trained to the Sylvoz system. Harvest generally occurs in the second half of September and the vineyard yield averages 80 hl/ha. The weather is mild, with cold winters and summers that are warm, but never muggy and with consistent breezes. The day-night temperature differentials are significant, particularly in the summer.

Doro is the name of the vineyard, is coming from a single vineyard and made with Glera grapes 100%.


Vinification: destemming and gentle hydraulic pressing, static settling of juice, fermentation on the native yeasts, remains on the lees for a period of 60/90 days. Pressurization in steel tank, charmat method. we do not add sugar, we add just must.

- Pressure 5,5 bar
- Net Estract 21,5 g/l
- Sulphites 75 mg/l


Pale Yellow, bright and sparkling fine continuos bubble

Food Pairing

Drink it with somebody you love