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A brief history

From our love for nature to the art of winemaking.
Moretvini is located in the rolling hills of the Prosecco Superiore Conegliano e Valdobbiadene DOCG production area, close to the village of Santa Maria di Feletto which has been growing vines and producing wine since time immemorial.

The estate was established by Francesco and his brother Valentino, who first started working the land as sharecroppers and then as owners. In the mid-1900s the activity which had originally been for their own needs grew into a real business.

After three generations the winery has been updated, but still conserves the typical character of a family-run business, whose love for the area and passion for the land have remained unchanged. Our wine is the result of humble work that begins in the vineyard with pruning and ends in the bottle, with every stage of the winemaking process tended to with loving care.

All our ranges are made up of micro vinifications which sometimes give rise to selections with numbered bottles. Every bottle is unique and conjures up different emotions with every sip.
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