Therefore, Animae without added sulfites lets the real soul of the Prosecco DOCG come out, with its full primary aromas, the intact perfumes of the grapes and all the intensity of a bouquet that from the vineyard arrives straight to the glass. Another feature of Animae is the extremely low sugar level (3 g/l) that makes it very dry, almost a Pas Dosè, but similar to a long Charmat.

Scents of apple and pear, to the end mineral and bread crust scents, full-bodied, with fine and elegant quality


Creamy, with fresh white pulp fruits bouquet, elegant yeast note, surprising persistent and harmonious

Growing Conditions

Refrontolo hills - Veneto

- Soil type: Mainly sandy and calcareous, not very deep
- Altimetry and exposure: 250 m a.s.l., south exposure
- Plantation system: Guyot


Hand picking


Product detailsThe Animae challenge started with the harvest 2006 but it has deeper roots: the research of the wine purity, the attention for the consumer and the respect for the environment have always been the pillars of the Perlage philosophy.
To produce a Prosecco without added sulfites is not a simple matter: The first difficulty is caused by the yeasts which must accomplish the transformation from the must to the wine, in the fermentation process: they produce by themselves small quantities of sulfites. Still wines, which have just one fermentation, are relatively easier to manage; with regard to spumante, its production process needs a second fermentation (Charmat Method) in steel tanks. Through the second fermentation the still wine becomes sparkling, thanks to the addition of yeasts and sugar that activate the fermentation but produce sulfites.

That said, the production of sulfites is a natural effect of wine making. The yeasts normally used, produce such a quantity of sulfites that has to be declared on the label. The Perlage team, under the direction of the winemaker Andrea Gallina, solved this problem choosing selected yeasts that produce a very low quantity of sulfites. Anyway sulfites have a conservation role. This is the second difficulty Perlage has found, because a wine without added sulfites and with a very low level of natural sulfites could be subject to oxidation (especially the Glera vine-variety). In order to avoid this problem the whole wine making process takes place in total absence of oxygen.

Animae represents a discontinuity compared to the traditional sparkling wines: it is well known, that sulfites are not merely antioxidants, but also they interfere with the organoleptic perception of the wine.

During the first fermentation takes place a soft pressing, static decanting of the must for 12 hours, fermentation at 16°C without added sulfites. The second fermentation takes place in steel pressurized tank using the long Charmat method, that can achieve 4-6 months, without added sulfites.

- Sugar: < 4 g/l


Brilliant with a pale straw yellow and fine creamy bubbles

Food Pairing

Perfect with shellfish, both raw or boiled, oysters, fish and pasta with light and veggie sauces. Our tip: Sushi!