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A brief history

The ancient Villa Brandolini d'Adda, once owned by the noble family who settled in the territory of Soligo at the beginning of the twentieth century, has been the headquarters of the Progetti Divini winery since 2008.
Martina Curato and Cristian Piazzetta manage the winery, specialized in the production of high quality wines, with enthusiasm, passion and competence.
The structure of the Villa offers the possibility of organizing events, parties and tastings in the splendid setting of the hills of Soligo and the Valdobbiadene area.
The area is spread over 4500 hectares of land, located between the cities of Valdobbiadene and Conegliano and since 2019 included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Our vineyards are located at the foot of the Treviso Pre-Alps, at an altitude between 50 and 500 meters above sea level.
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Via 1° Settembre 20 Località Soligo
Italy, Veneto


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