Very intense creating the scents of flower, light smell
of peach, kaiser peach, almond blossom, tarragon and
mineral notes.


Absolutely dry, smooth and rich. Its floral taste recalls
acacia flowers, at the beginning dry taste with aromatic and
balanced end.

Growing Conditions

Production Area: Valdobbiadene, Vittorio Veneto
Soil: calcareous, clayey


Manual, with selection of the grapes.


Winemaking: de-stalking of grapes and cooling to 15°C. Soft
pressing of the grapes with membrane presses, settling of
must, fermentation and controlled temperature (18°C)

Fermentation: italian method with controlled temperature
(14-15°C) performed with selected yeats. Tartrate
stabilization in cold (4°C) and microfiltartion of yeasts
before isobaric bottling. Cycle time about 60 days.

- Pressure 5.8 atm


Straw yellow with greenish foam compact and
durable, fine perlage.

Food Pairing

Excellent as aperitif and for any time. It goes well with sea
aperitizer and seafood.