Full, intense and balanced. Characterized by fruit notes, its aroma reminds of apples, peaches, wisteria and acacia blossoms. It has stunningly fresh-tasting notes.


With a pleasant, slightly sour and savoury taste, fresh and fruity, it is well-balanced and presents a full nose-palate convergence.

Growing Conditions

- Climate Cool temperate, 1200 mm average annual rainfall.

- Soil Clay, calcareous conglomerate rocks.

- Location South east-south and south west.

- Cultivation Riva Granda, latitude: 45° 89’ 83’’, longitude: 12° 07’ 40’’, altitude: 269 m above sea-level.

- Work: Low-impact integrated pest management; wooden and
corten steel posts; manual pruning; green manure and
soil working; shoot tipping performed twice before the
harvest, if necessary; manual mowing; manual harvest
during the central/last period of September.

- Manodopera: From 500 to 700 working hours per hectare per year.


Fermentation Thermo regulated fermentation with selected yeasts

Refermentation Valdobbiadene method, characterized by 60
days in a pressurized tank and cold stabilization.



Food Pairing

Perfect as an aperitif or during the meal with vegetable appetizers, light first and main courses and fish or cheese. Excellent with fried food, like fish or battered vegetables.