It has an intense and refined bouquet reminiscent of different types of fruit (especially green apple), floral and hints of bread crust.


It is very well balanced with a fresh and dry taste and the aftertaste is long lasting and aromatic.

Growing Conditions

Rive di San Pietro di Barbozza


For a quality Brut I select bases with character and “crispness” (as I like to say) which guarantee a balance between tannins, sweetness and acidity.

I rely on my sixth sense, formed by experience, to choose the most appropriate ones.

So the selection of grapes and bases in the winery is key!

In 2019 and 2020, we had a smaller but higher quality harvest that allowed us to “play” with the Brut.

My intention, as far as possible, is to convey clearly the difference between an extra dry and a Brut: if the bases allow me to do so, I try to stay at 6-7 gr/lt so that the Brut will be perceived significantly drier than the extra dry.
WINE MAKING PROCESS: White wine vinification with a gentle pressing of the grapes

REFERMENTATION: 180 Days in an autoclave with the Martinotti/Charmat method

ATM. PRESSURE: Circa 5 atm


This Spumante is bright straw-yellow in colour with green hues and a fine and persistant bubble.

Food Pairing

It’s the best Spumante for fish appetizers and dishes in general.