Tempting, broad aromas.


A semi-sweet flavour and dense, one may appreciate its intensity, and its well-rounded flavour.

Growing Conditions

- Area of origin of grapes: Cartizze hills – Municipality of Valdobbiadene

- Average altitude of vineyards: 200 – 300 metres sl.

- Type of terrain: Varied soil with morainic, sandstone and clay elements, limy, low-nutrient, welldrained


- 20 September – 10 October

- Exclusively manual harvest


- Vinification: Soft pressing of grapes, static decanting of must, fermentation at controlled temperature (15-18°C). Fining and rest in contact with the feccia nobile (characteristic fine sediment) for 3 months.

- Second fermentation: Charmat method in pressure tanks

- Re-fermentation temperature: 15 – 17°C

- Duration of cycle: Approximately 50 days

- Sugar content: 17-20 g/l


Dense color.