Growing Conditions

Terroir: marl – clay
Vineyard: 1.5 hectares in Saccol
0.2 hectares in Vidor (Soprapiana)
1.3 hectares in Santo Stefano (Cartizze) 100%

Training systems: double inverted system and guyot
Treatment: sulphur, copper, algae extracts, zeolites, manure-horn


Yield for hectar: 100


After slow fermentation of the must, the wine
ages on the fine lees in a cement tank for six
months. In spring the wine undergoes secondary
fermentation in a pressure tank (Martinotti
method) after which, within the space of one or
two months, the yeasts are removed by filtering.
Although this passage may seem invasive and
negative for the integrity and genuineness of the
wine, it is instead decisive in enhancing its fresh
clear fragrances and its dynamic yet delicate

The wine is an 'extra brut' with no residual sugar,
a decision we intentionally made to enhance the
original flavor and achieve a natural balance
between acidity, sapidity and structure.

Cistern: cement, inox (autoclave) for the second fermentation
First fermentation: indigenous yeast
Foam formation: martinotti method
Second fermentation: neutral selected yeast