If we raise the glass to our nose, we can easily pick out fruity aromas, of apples and pears. Floral tones are also evident, of wisteria and acacia blossom. Faint citrusy notes also blend in with the other delicate fragrances.


On the palate, it is notably harmonious. It is rounded yet lightly acidulous, well-balanced, and nicely tangy; the flavour is persistent, as is the aftertaste.

Growing Conditions

The grapes that are used to make this nectar are specially selected and ripen on the steep hillsides of a small zone in the commune of Vidor called Colbertaldo.

The combination of the soil, climate and human labour produce an unmistakable sparkling wine: a precious Cru with inimitable characteristics.


When you pour it into the glass, the bubbles rise in a slow, well-ordered way. The perlage is fine and elegant.

Food Pairing

It goes perfectly with all kinds of hors d’oeuvres, fish-based dishes and our typical local recipes, such as certain soups and risottos.

To show at its best and reveal all of its characteristics, it should be served cool, at a temperature of around 6-8°C.
If you don’t want to disappoint even a wine expert, choose Le Rive di Colbertaldo!