Growing Conditions

Vineyards located on the sunniest slopes of the Valdobbiadene hills.It is a hilly area of morainic origin with calcareous soils mixed with loam and in some cases also calcareous-clayey soil.


Beginning of September.


Whole grapes are put into the pneumatic press for soft pressing and the resulting must, after a first racking, is put into controlled temperature tanks where it remains until it is used for the production of the sparkling wine.


The must with added yeast cultures selected by Villa Sandi is then put into vessels where fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature of 15-16°C to enhance all the harvest fragrances. Upon reaching the required alcohol and sugar content fermentation is stopped by refrigeration and only after 120 days of maturation on the lees the sparkling wine is ready for bottling.

Food Pairing

Excellent as an aperitif. Perfect for tasty appetizers, ideal throughout the meal especially with fish dishes.