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A brief history

The Meneguz family has been cultivating and making wine on their own grapes since 1750, inMunicipality of Tarzo (Treviso)
On 2 July 1921 the Countess Maria Del Baldo ceded the six hectares of the Ghette locality in the hamlet of Corbanese to her ancestor Pietro Meneguz, land that still today represents the central body of the current winery located in the heart of the DOCGConegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore.
From generation to generation the "artisan" dimension of the company and family management have also been maintained. Currently the company is run by the youngest daughter Sara Meneguz, daughter of Cesare, who has always shared with her father the passion for wine and the bond with the territory and her traditions.
I firmly believe that before giving commands it is essential to know how to execute them and that any knowledge acquired is freedom conquered. This is why I personally follow both the work in the vineyard and every phase of the production and marketing of my wines: to learn, first of all, with humility and patience.
A good wine is born in the vineyard and the vineyard knows how to recognize when the gestures addressed to it are carried out with genuine passion and always repays with generosity the love we turn to it. To every action corresponds an equal and opposite reaction, in nature as in life.
Creating a wine means placing human knowledge at the service of nature with sensitivity and respect. A wine portrays the soul of the person who conceived it and traces its interior profile in changing evolution.
With maieutic art the oenological project inherent in the cluster must be supported, man must not dominate but support up to its maximum expression the precious taste-olfactory design of mother nature. A woman in the world of wine brings the complex swarm of her emotions, the grace of her visceral feeling and the rationality of her pragmatism, but there is no more precious contribution that men and women can offer to the land that nurtures us, than consistency to values ​​of humanism, because what increases us in the spirit sustains and strengthens us also in the body.
The good comes from the plant of the just.
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Established in 2005

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