The nose is intensely redolent of delicate notes of rose petals, lime blossoms, and wild berry.


The mousse expands with beautiful proportion in the mouth, giving the palate its crisp fruit nuances and a sense of exquisite balance.

Growing Conditions

Grapes: Manzoni Moscato (cross between Raboso Piave and Moscato d’Amburgo, both red grapes), grown exclusively in our estate vineyards Location: hills of Susegana Aspect: south Soils: predominantly clay, alternating with limestone, with medium admixture of pebbles


Yield per hectare: 140 quintals Harvest period: 20-30 September


Vinification: the grapes are pressed and the juice is given a brief, 48-hour maceration on the skins, then the must is pressed off and given a low-temperature gravity settling and storage. The must then goes to steel pressure tanks for sparkling-wine fermentation. Secondary fermentation: the wine receives its effervescence through utilisation of the Martinotti-Charmat method, at a temperature of ca. 18°C. When the wine reaches an internal pressure of 5 atmospheres, it is filtered and bottled.


Maturation: in steel pressure tanks for 1-2 months.


Then the eye is enchanted by a slender but dense bead of irrepressible pin-point bubbles that presage the wine’s appreciable crispness.

Food Pairing

Its smooth finish makes this wine perfect both as an aperitif wine as well as a versatile partner with a wide variety of fine dishes, ranging from seafood antipasti, salmon to the classic soups and lighter meat dishes.