Meadow flowers, elegant and pleasantly fruity with notes of apple, pear and peach.


Full, sapid, balanced, easy drinking, with a healthy dose of intense - but elegant - fruit.

Growing Conditions

From the hillside vineyards that embody the best of the heartland of this great wine, comes the Cartizze, the finest expression of Prosecco Superiore: the perfect union of environment, history and human endeavour.

107 hectares of vines wind their way along a steep crest to an altitude of 300 metres above sea level, enjoying ideal levels of sun and constant protection from cold winds.

The Cartizze hillside, with its friable soil covering a layer of rocky terrain, lends a notable acidity to the grape, which is balanced by the natural sugars drawn out and preserved by the manual methods of cultivation.


Straw yellow, with a subtle, but persistent and lively perlage.