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A brief history

Look beyond!
Imagine what tomorrow will be like and choose the road before its time.
The ability to dream, to see what your company can become makes all the difference.
Passion, personality, projects, words so closely connected continue to be the formula of success.
In 1922, the decision was made to dedicate our lives to working the land. An intuition, and much more than a job.
To understand nature, what does it ask and what can one give to an area such as Borgo Molino.
The secret is to listen to the land, look after the plants, nurture the fruit. Nourish the clods, water the soil and understand it.
Our estate was founded 100 years ago by the Nardini family and the soil has produced fine wines.
The harmony between the land and the local climate has produced both white and red wines of great quality.
Sparkling wines of elegance and finesse complete the picture, and express our original vision.
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Via Negrisia, 18
Italy, Veneto


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