Elegant and persistent bouquet, pleasantly fruity
reminiscent that recalls Williams pear, peach blossoms and
ripe fruit.


Round and silken with a soft sapidity and very balanced.
A long and persistent finish, pleasantly fruity and
delightfully aromatic.

Growing Conditions

- PRODUCTION AREA: Cartizze hilly area enclosed in 1 Km/q in Valdobbiadene

- SOIL: Of tectonic formation, consisting of sandstones and
moraines with a clayey bottom that allows the root system
of the grapevine to go deeper.

- TRAINING SYSTEMS: Double-arched cane

- VINEYARDS ALTITUDE: 300-350 mt above sea level


Early-mid September


Initial de-stemming (separation of the berry from the stem)
and subsequent soft pressing (separation of the must from
the grape skin) in an environment in a controlled
atmosphere and protected from the risk of oxidation and
bacterial proliferation.
1st fermentation with transformation of the must into wine
at a controlled temperature between 14° and 16°.

With the Martinotti method in autoclave where the 2nd
fermentation takes place for at least 90 days.
The fermentation process is monitored and managed,
automatically analyzing the evolution and dosing nutrients
and oxygen to get the best results from the yeast.


2-3 weeks in bottle


Brilliant straw yellow
Fine and persistent perlage.

Food Pairing

Delicius between meals, it matches easily with dry pastries,
elaborate dessert, spoon sweets, fruit tarts, panettone and