The nose reveals hints of fruit, rose and
acacia honey.


In the mouth the sugars and minerality balance each
other, creating a harmonious whole. On the palate the effervescence is creamy and refined.

Growing Conditions

High hill vineyards between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene.


Grapes harvested by hand in early September


Off dry sparkling wine produced using the Martinotti method.
After soft pressing, the cloudy must is left to settle at a cool temperature (about 12 °C) in steel tanks and then the clear part is separated from the deposit and the fermentation is started. Fermentation takes
place in steel tanks at a constant temperature of 16°C for 15-20 days. At the end of the vinification the basic wine is obtained.
The sparkling process is carried out using the Martinotti/Charmat method: the base wine, after resting over winter on the yeasts is put into autoclaves where with refermentation the wine reaches a pressure of 5 atmospheres. The sparkling process takes at least 30 days, then - after a filtration to
eliminate the yeasts - it is bottled.


Straw pale yellow colour with greenish reflections; bright and with a fine and persistent perlage.

Food Pairing

Ideal with dry pastries, tarts, and fruit skewers. Also suitable for more daring combinations with hot croutons with colonnata lard or spicy
Asian cuisine.