Light notes of apple, with a marked scent of bread crust.


Pleasantly dry, fresh and persistent.

Growing Conditions

This sparkling wine comes from 100% Glera grapes, grown on the Valdobbiadene hills.

- Growing region: hills of Valdobbiadene, DOCG area. They are situated in the northeast of
Italy, between Venice and the Dolomites, in the Veneto region.
- Altitude: 250/300m a.s.l.
- Vineyard row orientation: South
- Soil: clay-rich and calcareous
- Climate: Mediterranean, cool
- Vine training system: double-arched cane. Plant density: 3.000 vines per hectare


Grapes are hand-picked from the beginning of September


We bottle the base wine in spring, after the harvest.


It comes in the Brut Nature version. It has a very
distinctive aromatic profile, that is different from the Prosecco Superiore produced according to the Charmat method. It has the classic scent of bread crust provided by the yeasts that add complexity and flavor.

- Vinification: white wine process with soft pressing. Yield: 70%
- Fermentation: the secondary fermentation takes place in the bottle. The wine is aged on its
lees and never disgorged
- Acidity: 4,5-5 g/l
- Sulphur dioxide: 59 mg/l
- Pressure: 5 bar


Straw yellow colour, slightly cloudy. Very fine and persistent perlage.

Food Pairing

This bright sparkler pairs well with aged cheese, salami or traditional dishes
from the Venetian cuisine, such as "baccalà" (salted codfish) or "sarde in saôr"
(sardines in a sweet and and sour sauce). Great also with fish or vegetable tempura.

If you want to drink it clear, pour the wine into a carafe and
leave the sediment in the bottle. If you want to add flavor, mix the yeasty residue
with the wine. Serve a temperature of 6-8°C (43-46°F).