Intriguing fresh wisteria and crunchy pear, mild pink grapefruit and mint; then generous ripe fruit, pollen, dandelion and herbs with undertones of roasted barley.


Very pleasant mineral, fresh and very fine notes; clean white fruit and spice, dry finish.

Growing Conditions

Soil: Lean, prevalence of calcareous conglomerate rock (puddingstone) in the hilltop and crest areas; pockets of calcareous marl and sandstone in the middle slope areas; renewal of organic matter with cover crops and compost.

Vineyards: 6 old highly Rive (terraced slopes); 4000 vines/ha, vine training system: double arched cane; annual replacement of vines that fail to germinate; yields compliant with the DOCG regulations: maximum 13,500 kg/ha amounting to 9,450 l/ha.

Altitude: From 240 to 400 meters above sea level.

Position: Steep hills with gradients of up to 60 degrees; terraced land shaped by contour farming techniques.

Exposure: Slopes facing southeast, south, southwest and west of the alluvial fans.

Vine Cultivation: Sustainable, low-impact cultivation according to the lunar calendar.

Labour: From 300 to 770 h/ha year of work.


Manual harvesting in the month of September; boxes with holes are used.


Closure: mushroom cork


Mashing: Grapes sorted on a table, soft pressed and must division is performed and then fermentation on skins is started.

Fermentation: In stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature, use of native selected yeasts, 2 transfers at the end of the cycle, and low temperature aging.

Blending: During the first waning moon of the new year

2nd Fermentation: Valdobbiadene method; wines spend 50 days in autoclave.

- Extract: 18 g/l
- Potassium: 0,6 g/l


Bright, well defined, dense foam and fine bubbles.

Food Pairing

Perfect accompaniment to memorable moments and conversation. It pairs well with vegetarian, creative or traditional Italian dishes, vegetables, fish and cheeses. Excellent bespoke and fragrant sparkling wine with a strong identity, straightforward and easy to drink