Growing Conditions

The Glera grape, from which the starting point is obtained, is grown in our best hillside vineyards. The soils are generally shallow, with a very high slope. The soils are rich in limestone and with a good percentage of clay. The vines are grown for about 70% in Sylvoz, while the remaining 30% is bred in Doppio Capovolto.


The grapes are harvested strictly by hand to reach the optimal sugar content, but keeping an eye on the acid component that must maintain and guarantee the freshness of the wine.


We select from our vineyards those where we harvest the most mature grapes, in order to obtain a dry, decisive sparkling wine, with floral and fruity notes typical of the high hill vineyards of the Valdobbiadenese area.

The pressing is soft and the must, after a first static clarification, is fermented in steel at 17-19 ° C.
Following the first fermentation, the wine is left to rest on the fine lees, with very few rackings. After at least 5 months we proceed with the preparation of the cuvée, necessary to find the best balance. From here we start with the refermentation phase, in an autoclave. After this process, the wine remains in refinement for 60-70 days before being bottled, in order to have the CO2 bubbles perfectly dissolved, and thus guaranteeing the fineness of the perlage.

Food Pairing

Ideal as an aperitif, it accompanies fish appetizers or even challenging first courses.