Growing Conditions

The Glera grape, from which the starting point is obtained, is grown in a small portion of our Fedéra vineyard.

In this way the wine will always be an expression of the same territory but will carry with it the history of each single vintage.


Our Fedéra vineyard; from here every year the grapes will be harvested by hand and used only for the production of our Rive.


This sparkling wine wants to represent the pure territorial identity, the essence of a Rive di Colbertaldo cru, and the thousandth of production, the vintage shown on the label.
Balance and decision, softness and flavor, elegance and tradition. These are the characteristics of the "Rive", pure expression of Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG.
Maximum expression of the territory, a cru of the Rive di Colbertaldo, and of the harvest, which identifies the vintage in a particular way.

Traditional vinification, with particular attention to the refinement of the base on the fine lees at the end of fermentation.
The second fermentation, slow and with a long stop in cold autoclave to refine aromas and perlage, leads to the bottling of this wine in spring, when nature awakens.

Il Rive was born with the 2014 harvest to celebrate Valter Miotto's 60th anniversary.
Balance and decision, peculiar characteristics of an important wine and of a great winemaker who loves his land.