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Prapian is a special place. The vineyards of the Prapian estate, in the municipality of Tarzo in the province of Treviso, extend three hundred meters above sea level; the soil is very mineral, sunny, rich in water and little exposed to winds. A terroir that knows how to give each harvest the uniqueness of an unexpected encounter.
Millions of years ago there was the sea here, a sea a few meters deep, inhabited by corals and nulliparas, which later became fossils in the woods of chestnut, beech, elm and oak trees. From here, on clear days, the Adriatic and Venice announce themselves with a silver glitter at the end of the plain bathed by Monticano, Livenza and Piave. All around are paths that cross water lines, wild woods and irregular meadows.
Prapian is one of the most characteristic terroirs of the hills of Tarzo-Valdobbiadene proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In particular, it is located in the Core Zone , that is the area defined as having the greatest value due to its slopes.
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