Citrus scent of lime, grapefruit and bergamot, the provocative balsamic essences and the fragrant touch of the bread crust revolve around the fresh fruity notes of pear and apple and give a clear interpretation of the unmistakable microclimate of the Riva di Collalbrigo Costa.


The excitement of the thin bubbles that explode in the mouth enhancing the olfactory elegance, the unusual fullness of the structure of the base wine, carefully selected from the vineyard, is enhanced by the long stay on the yeasts, the material consistency of the taste in which the softness fades in favor of the balance between flavor and freshness, the languid pleasure of gustatory persistence lengthened by the absence of sugars.

Growing Conditions

The slope of the hill, the exposure to the South East, the height that regulates the ups and downs of temperatures, the clayey soil that administers the nutrients of the grapes, the careful processing of the wine, create the gustatory and aromatic complexity of our Prosecco Superiore Docg Extra Brut




straw yellow

Food Pairing

Calls the pairing to traditional Italian cuisine of fish, creamed cod, first courses based on sea urchins and oysters but also juicier dishes such as duck ragu, corned tongue or goose paté.