The notes are distinctive of bread crusts
and very ripe yellow fruit.


Very dry wine, fully bodied, typically cloudy with compact deposit on the bottom.

Growing Conditions

Hillside vineyards owned by the Spagnol
Family in the DOCG area between
Valdobbiadene and Conegliano


This wine represents one of the traditional products of our territory. Also known as “Prosecco Ancestrale”, it undergoes a refermentation in the bottle during the spring and aging on its own yeast until consumed.

- Fermentation off skins
- Re-fermentation in the bottle according to the Classic Italian Method without disgorging or dosing the finished wine. Successively aged in the bottle for 6 months at least.


The typical characteristic of this wine is its turbidity because of the yeast deposit on the bottom of the bottle.

We recommend that it be consumed limpid, after decanting, which allows the deposit to separate.

The perlage is very fine, given the aging on its own yeasts.

Food Pairing

This is a wine that is perfect on any
occasion. The ideal combination is
however with Treviso cuisine, based on
rich soups or pasta and meats cooked on
a grill or spit.