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Terre Boscaratto

A brief history

We believe in a balanced relationship between man and nature. For us, the direct contact that binds the winemaker to his vines is fundamental: manual work, during cultivation as in winemaking, gives the finished product that uniqueness that the most advanced technology cannot restore. My father and the land are one, an exclusive and inseparable bond exists between him and the vineyard. I express myself fully in the cellar, where Boscaratto wines come to light. Over the years, my mother has proved to be the most precious help for both of us. We live in perfect harmony with nature, which is why we have also learned to be very friendly and sociable. Day after day, our work has taught us how wine plays a fundamental role in the life of each of us: "vinum hominem conciliat homini!"
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Via Ponte Vecchio, 5/A
Italy, Veneto




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