Agenerous, multi-layered bouquet offers fragrant fresh-picked wild red berryfruit and a subtle florality, enlivened by crisp impressions of raspberry and cherry.


The palate show sanicely understated crispness, with flavours that are smooth and pleasurable yet at the same time on the austere side, as befits its underlying red-wine identity.

We believe that in this rosé version, Manzoni Rosso has successfully found a youthful and up-to-date expression.

Growing Conditions

- Grapes: Incrocio Manzoni 2.15, grown exclusively in our estate vineyards
- Vineyard location: Hills on the left bank of the Piave river
- Vineyard aspect: South
- Soil profile: Predominantly clay


- Yield: 100 quintals
- Harvest period: 15-25 September


Not only are we the only producer whose wine portfolio vaunts all four varieties of Incrocio Manzoni, but we wanted to take another important step and experiment with new directions for these grapes.

The fruit of that research is this rosé version of the 2.15 variety, commonly known as Manzoni Rosso.

We regard research and constant evolution in viticulture and winemaking procedures of fundamental importance, and we are convinced that this rosé version of Manzoni Rosso embodies a more youthful and modern expression of that classic grape.

In offering this innovative and trend-setting wine, we are combining our commitment to preserving our native grapes with our desire to answer consumer demands.

After the clusters are de-stemmed and pressed and the wine fermented, it macerates on the skins 8-10 days; the wine then undergoes spontaneous malolactic fermentation, is filtered, and then begins its maturation.


The rosé appears a lovely, delicate salmon pink .

Food Pairing

We recommend enjoying it slightly chilled, at 8-10°C. It is the perfect partner to aperitifs and delicate dishes, fish and lighter meats, and even with young, fresh cheeses.