The bead, long-lingering, elegant, and continuous, explodes into a dense, lively mousse. The bouquet displays fragrances of just-ripe Golden Delicious apple and Williams pear, backgrounded by a graceful, pleasant florality.


. A refreshing crispness predominates on the palate, but it leaves space for aromatic impressions in a complex progression that is absolutely magisterial.

Growing Conditions

Grapes: Glera and other native varieties, such as Verdiso and Bianchetta, grown exclusively in our estate vineyards Location: hills of Susegana (Prosecco Superiore classic zone) Aspect: south Soils: clay on a rock base


Yield per hectare: 135 quintals Harvest period: 1-10 September


Vinification: the clusters are pressed gently, and the must gravity-settled, then fermented in temperature-controlled (18°C) steel tanks. The wine matures sur lie in steel for 3-6 months. Secondary fermentation: the wine receives its effervescence through the Martinotti-Charmat method. After a long period of maturation sur lie, it is filtered and bottled.


Maturation: 4 months in steel pressure tanks, then 1-2 months in bottle


It appears a lovely straw-yellow with pale green highlights, testimony to its superbly refreshing character.

Food Pairing

This Brut is outstanding as an aperitif wine, and it partners beautifully with fish antipasti, light fried fish, and vegetarian soups and risottos.