The bouquet, spacious and refined, is redolent of just-ripe pear and–particularly–apple, along with
a very subtle florality.


A crisp acidity balances the effect of the wine’s residual sugar and overall structure, resulting in a markedly refreshing, beautifully proportioned wine.

Growing Conditions

Location: hills of Susegana (Prosecco Superiore classic zone) Aspect: south Soils: predominantly clay, on a limestone base


Yield per hectare: 135 quintals Harvest period: 10-20 September


Vinification: the clusters are pressed gently, and the must gravity-settled, then fermented in temperature-controlled (18°C) steel tanks. The wine then matures sur lie in steel for 3-6 months. Secondary fermentation: the wine receives its effervescence through the Martinotti-Charmat method. After a period of maturation sur lie, the wine is filtered and bottled.


Maturation: 1-2 months in steel pressure tanks, then 1-2 months in bottle.


It greets the eye with a pale straw-yellow, then an intriguing, lingering bead of tiny bubbles.

Food Pairing

Extra Dry pairs perfectly with cured meat assortments, vegetarian soufflés, savoury mousse, molluscs and shellfish, light fish broths, fresh and soft cheeses.