he nose recalls delicate notes of apple, almonds and thousand flower honey


Slightly tangy aftertaste


September, harvest by hand

Max yield per hectare: 135 quintals per hectare


Isobaric, after sterile filtration


The character of the vine dictates that only the most precious part of grapes coming from vines that give a few clusters per vine, after complete maturation, is destined for this wine.

- Vinnification: cold maceration of part of the grapes for 36 hours.
Soft pressing, selection of the must. Static decantation, blending of the macerate with the flower must.

- Primary fermentation: static decantation and temperature-controlled fermentation


In stainless steel tanks. Tartic stabilization at low temperature

Food Pairing

Easily adaptable to every type of food, it gives its best as complement to risotto or cold cuts.