Generous and enveloping, with scents of berries, including currants and blueberries, and fragrant notes of medicinal herbs and thyme.


Sweet but not cloying, with a refreshing good acidity that balances the tannins.

Growing Conditions

- PRODUCTION AREA: Col Sandago company vineyards in Susegana (TV).

- SOIL: calcareous, clayey, with sandstone subsoil.


Grapes are hand-picked in mid-October, carefully selecting the best bunches. The grapes are then placed in small crates and dried naturally in the company “fruttaio” (fruit drying loft).

- YIELD:1 kg per plant.


Wildbacher, Col Sandago biotype.

The grapes are dried until February and then pressed. The very sweet, concentrated juice that is
extracted is placed in oak casks to ferment.


18 months in oak barrels, followed by at least 6 months in bottles.


Strong, vibrant red.

Food Pairing

A wine to savour by itself, exploring its enigmatic personality, or to enjoy with aged cheeses.
Pair it with chocolate for an intriguing combination.