Delicate, fruity and aromatic

Growing Conditions

Glera grapes coming from the high vineyards around the
villages of Valdobbiadene and Vidor.

Cappuccina with planting distance 3x1 and Guyot
with planting distance 2.80x1.


Second half of September


Vinification without the skins in stainless steel vats.

Second fermentation with selected local yeasts at controlled
temperature for 30 days.

Italian method (Martinotti) with second fermentation
in stainless steel tanks with natural fermentation

- PRESSURE 5,5 bar
- DRY EXTRACT > 16 gr/l


Fine and persistent., pale straw yellow.

Food Pairing

A perfect pairing for seafood and shellfish. Thanks to its good structure, it is excellent with
fatty fish, such as turbot, delicate starters and white meats.