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A brief history

Life presents us with decisions every day, no matter how big or small. The Gemin family has decided to create strong, indelible ties to its district, namely the Valdobbiadene hills.
An area where the CLIMATE, LAND AND PEOPLE make the difference. Since 2009, we have decided to eliminate the word Prosecco from our bottles, not to detract from what has been achieved up until that time, but because we realised that the name did not do justice to the wine in our bottles. Which is why we only print the words Valdobbiadene DOCG on the labels, plus the different types (brut, extra dry and dry).
A lot of hard, tiring work is done in these hills, but there is no doubt that the results are exceptional. All of the work is all done by hand; from cutting the grass and pruning down to all the minor jobs to ensure that the vines are in the very best condition to produce the grapes. Once in the cellar, the grapes can then be processed to create the product that we look after every day and to which we dedicate all our energy.
Taking a bottle of Gemin wine home is a conscious decision, a way of adhering to a philosophy which boosts the local area and the best of Italy has to offer. Don’t settle for “any old prosecco”. Experience the joy of drinking a glass of VALDOBBIADENE DOCG GEMIN with your friends and family.

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Established in 1978

Via Erizzo, 187
Italy, Veneto


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