Prà Dell'Ort was created as Extra Dry, to enhance its pleasantness and drinkability. A Valdobbiadene D.o.c.g. that presents on the nose the main characters of a golden apple and hints of ripe pear that fill the palate with pleasant sensations.


Prà dell'Ort leaves in the mouth a sense of length and persistence that only the raw material of the Valdobbiadene area can give.

Growing Conditions

Grapes of this wine grow in a specific group of vineyards located in Prà dell'ort, an area in San Vito di Valdobbiadene.


The vinification of this typology of wine is in white, without skins and at controlled temperature of 16°C.

Food Pairing

This wine can be a goblet for the whole meal, but also as an aperitif thanks to its pleasantness, freshness and harmony. Very tempting can be paired as an aperitif with fresh cheeses such as a latteria and some tasty dried tomatoes.