The wine has lively bubbles and notes of green pear skin with a soft chalkiness. If you prefer to drink these sparkles in their cloudy state (by gently inverting the bottle with its fine sediment a few times), you’ll be met with a charming texture and aromatics reminiscent of sweet, toasted bread. Either way, it’s delightful.


Grapes are hand-harvested. Natural fermentation in stainless steel tanks.


Unfiltered after secondary fermentation in bottle. Under crown cap.


“Sui Lievi Erti” means “on gentle slopes,”' and is a homonym for “sui lieviti” meaning “on the lees”––an indication the wine undergoes its second fermentation in bottle. Only their Prosecco is allowed this mention on the label, so they instead use a play on words for the Verdiso frizzante.


Aged in stainless steel for six months on fine lees, then bottled by hand along with a small amount of natural liqueur made from their own grapes that triggers secondary fermentation in bottle