On the nose soft and well-defined, with clear hints of green apples, plums, pears and apricots, which alternate with floral notes of jasmine, acacia and wisteria. In the mouth it is lean and dry, contrasting the first impression of sweetness.


On the palate it is subtle and harmonious, with the fresh fruit pulp component still dominant. The well-balanced, intense finish lingers.


By Hand.
End of August - beginning of September.


By gravity method. Off the skins, i.e. white vinification, at a controlled temperature of
15°C - 18°C; prise de mousse and maturation on the yeasts normally take place for a period of one month in pressure tanks, on selected yeasts, at a temperature of 14 - 13°C.


The wine is aged for approximately one month before distribution.


Pale yellow with straw highlights, continuous copious bubbles.