Finely aromatic, reminiscent of acacia blossom, honey and green apple


Dry, freshly acidulous and intensely fruity, with an agreeably almond aftertaste

Growing Conditions

FELETTO hilly areas, between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene(Eastern Veneto)

- POSITION: Gentle slope
- AVERAGE ALTITUDE: 250-300 m asl
- SOIL TYPE: Moraine, partly alluvional, ferrous, poor in organic substances
- TRAINING SYSTEM: Sylvoz rows, with thick placing layout


End September. By hand, laid in crates


Destemming and crushing of grapes. Cold maceration of the crushed grapes
for a few hours to extract the aromatic substances and the structure. Then soft
pressing under controlled temperature, with addition of selected yeast.


Straw yellow with greenish shades. Light liveliness quickly “burning away”. Light
evanescent perlage spreading in the glass when pouring the wine, due to the
late fermentation of the last residual sugar that lasts for the whole winter period
because of the cold weather. It is not, therefore, to be seen as a fault, on the
contrary it is a quality and a typical characteristic of still Prosecco, that acquires
this way freshness, a pleasant appearance and protection from oxidation.

Food Pairing

Pairs with delicate first courses, white meat and fish dishes.