Delicate fragrance of wisteria and acacia, with citrus and verbena marks. The fruity
scents remind of williams pear, white peach and apricot.


It immediately releases a pleasant, acidic freshness, enhanced by rich and creamy
effervescence. This sensation is then balanced by an unexpected velvety softness.
The bouquet aromas are confirmed in the taste, with elegant floral and fruity notes
which are perfectly combined with a marked minerality.

Growing Conditions

San Pietro di Feletto, on the summit of the Feletto hilly ridge, in the Borgo Antiga hamlet, 280 meters a.s.l.

- SOIL TYPE: The area of the Feletto is geologically different from the rest of the Denomination as
here the soil, derived from the seabed’s lift, evolved over time achieving a peculiar
composition, called “ferretto” (from “ferro”, iron). Over time, the slow and continuous water infiltration transformed the iron minerals contained in the ground in oxides,
featuring a typical bloody red appearance. The result is a layer of red soil which is
characterized by a marked acidity and lack of nutritional elements. This poor and
acid substratum is responsible for stimulating the vines to absorb some specific micro
substances which contribute to the creation of extremely peculiar and elegant
aromas in the wine.


Exclusively by hand


VINIFICATION: Soft crushing, followed by a gentle pressing by an under-vacuum wine pressing
machine and the immediate dripping of the must. All the production process is
carried out under inert atmosphere.

FIRST FERMENTATION: Static sedimentation of the must at low temperatures; then, transfer of the must to the fermentation tanks. The fermentation is performed under a controlled environment, using selected yeasts. The wine is then decanted several times to achieve a
natural clarification.

SECOND FERMENTATION: IIn autoclave at 16° C for 2 months. After the fermentation, the wine rests for some time at low temperatures for maturation and stabilization before being bottled. All the process is carried out under inert atmosphere, with no contact with the oxygen in the air. This allows to reduce dramatically the quantity of sulphites needed for preservation, obtaining a healthier and long-lasting wine.

- Pressure 5 Bar


Lucid, straw yellow color, with a fine, persistent and intense perlage

Food Pairing

Extroverted sparkling wine, a perfect mate for the occasions. Its low residual sugar
content makes it excellent as an aperitif, but it matches magnificently appetizers
and main courses of fish, shellfish and crustaceans, delicate vegetarian soups and
fresh, tasty cheese.